This website was inspired by the endless number of people who have and continue to pursue a better life through fitness, but get discouraged by lackluster results and injury. Exercising takes a lot of effort and dedication. The effort is marginal given the reward of self satisfaction, pride, and overall well being that comes as a result. 

Everyday we see people in gyms wandering aimlessly from one machine to the next, occasionally stopping to toss some weights around. Most people find the gym intimidating and avoid it altogether. Then there are those that have the drive, but lack the knowledge. They scour the gym and settle for the treadmill because it's most familiar. On the other hand we also have athletes. They've been active their entire lives, reach a plateau, or get bored of their routine.

People that can afford help resort to personal trainers for guidance. While most personal trainers have gone through rigorous training and are fitness fanatics themselves, many just do it for the money. Even the fitness devotees among the personal trainers often times make mistakes and distribute incorrect or misleading advice.

We found ourselves or our friends in all of these situations. We searched the internet long and hard for exercise recommendations and advice. Unfortunately most professional sites are of the opinion that a sentence is all it takes to explain to someone how to perform an exercise. 

Our first goal is simple. We will try our best to compile a thorough list of exercises and detailed instructions on how to perform them. We hope that the fitness geeks among our visitors will help us in this effort. So please browse the articles, find what needs improvement, offer suggestions, and send us information.

This leads us to our second objective. We hope that with enough participation and effort we could create a community that will thrive on its knowledge. Those with experience among our visitors will help those just starting out. Those that have learned a lot through training will help others avoid their mistakes and direct them to their successes. The newbies will share their challenges. Together we will grow fit and happy! 

Some may say that this is ambitious, others that it's absurd, but hey, we are broke and Wall St. drove everyone out of business. What else is there to do?