Seated Barbell Press (Military Press)

Technique Summary

Sit on a military press bench. Place your feet flat on the floor. Grip the bar slightly wider than your shoulder width. Lower the bar in front of you and inhale, bring the bar back up and exhale.

Technique Details

This exercise could be performed in a variety of ways. You could bring the bar behind your head. This will focus on the posterior (or rear) and the middle deltoid. Lowering the bar in front of your head isolates the anterior (or front) and middle deltoids. If you want to put even more pressure on the anterior deltoid and some on upper chest, then grip the bar shoulder width and bring it down in the front. Do not bring the bar all the way down. There is no need to go past the point when you rupper arms make a 70 degree angle with your torso. If you perform the behind the head version of the exercise, note that everyone has a different body construction and that some people may be able to bring the weight down lower than others. Here you should only go as far as you are comfortable. Some people can't do the exercise at all. Do not force yourself and avoid injury. As mentioned with all other exercises do not lock out your elbows. You could do this exercise seated or standing up. Pay special attention to your back, keeping it straight at all times. Sitting on a straight back bench makes this easier.